Terralingua Langscape, Volume 4, Issue 1, Summer 2015

The People's Issue - Part One:  Flows and Bridges


Table of Contents







The Course of Heaven and Earth: The Biocultural Diversity of Space and Time
Kierin Mackenzie

Free-Flow: Why Cultural Diversity Matters for Healthy Rivers
David Groenfeldt



Wild Waters: Landscapes of Language
Dawn Wink

In the Land of the River-Mirrors: Dialogues Around “Bee-cultural” Diversity
Juan Manuel Rosso Londoño and Walter Gabriel Estrada Ramírez


Dispatches I

Culturally-Mediated Disturbance: Building a Bridge Between Knowledge Systems to Conserve Biocultural Diversity in New Guinea
William Thomas

Traditional Treasure: Local Knowledge for Climate Change Adaptation in Bangkukuk Taik, Nicaragua
Marie Besses and Martina Luger

Marine Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity in the Coastal Communities of Trivandrum, Kerala, India: Educational Implications
Lisba Yesudas and Johnson Jament


Louder Than Words I

In the Abode of the Clouds: Biocultural Diversity of Meghalaya, India
Raynold Lyngdoh


Dispatches II

Unity in Diversity: A Case Study of Intercultural Education in Tanzania
Jennie Harvey

Place Names and Storytelling: Balancing the Opportunities and Challenges of Sharing Biocultural Knowledge Through the Geoweb
Jon Corbett, Christine Schreyer, and Nicole Gordon



Towards an Ecology of Diversity: Fostering Intercultural and Environmental Diversity in a Post-Secondary Education Environment
Derik Joseph and Shannon Kelly

Irony as Inspiration: From Academic Research to Community Action in Protecting Biocultural Landscapes
Kelly Bannister and George Nicholas

“Buen Vivir”: Learnings from Indigenous Worldviews on Biocultural Diversity
Katherine Zavala


Louder Than Words II

TEKS: Promoting and Safeguarding Biocultural Diversity Through the Arts in Northern Vanuatu
Text by Delly Roy and Thomas Dick
Photos by Cristina Panicali and Sarah Doyle
with contributions by Ham Maurice Joel, Augustin Leasley, and Len Jacob Tafau