Terralingua Langscape, Volume 4, Issue 2, Winter 2015

The People's Issue - Part Two:  At Home and in the World


Table of Contents







Mirroring the Land: Biocultural Diversity Embodied
Sonja Swift

Country Minds and the Age of Restoration
Bob Weeden

At Home Between Sciences and Humanities: Biocultural Diversity as Source and Object of Interdisciplinary Dialogue
Cristina Muru



It's Hard to Know
Mary Louise Pratt

Edges of Transformation: Women Crossing Boundaries between Ecological and Social Healing
Jeanine M. Canty



Cracked Earth: Indigenous Responses to Nepal's Earthquakes
Sara Shneiderman and Mark Turin

When Home Becomes a Protected Area: The Udege People and the Bikin River Valley in the Russian Far East
Aleksandra Bocharnikova

Biocultural Diversity Conservation Tourism: The Gamaran Protected Forest, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Tom Corcoran

Fostering Well-being Through Biocultural Diversity: The Las Nubes Project in a Biological Corridor in Southern Costa Rica
Felipe Montoya-Greenheck

Isafarn Nudrar: Flowerpots Help Preserve Biocultural Diversity in the High Atlas, Morocco
Irene Teixidor Toneu

Orpul as a Place of Mind: Integrating Local Ritual into School Curriculum to Sustain Biocultural Diversity in Tanzania
Heidi Simper



Decolonial Mapmaking: Reclaiming Indigenous Places and Knowledge
Jordan Engel

Strengthening the Link Between Green "Fights" and Language "Fights": A Proposal from Basque Country
Beñat Garaio Mendizabal


Louder Than Words

Mangroves, Education, and Recovery of the Territory: Biocultural Diversity in Bahía Solano, Colombia
Text by Felipe Rodríguez Moreno and Norma Constanza Castaño Cuéllar
Photos by Felipe Rodríguez Moreno