Terralingua Langscape, Volume 5, Issue 1, Summer 2016

Voices of the Earth, Part 1


Table of Contents






Special Feature – Biocultural Diversity at 20

Biocultural Diversity: Reason, Ethics, and Emotion
David Harmon


When Grasshopper Means Lightning: How Ecological Knowledge Is Encoded in Endangered Languages
David Stringer

Naming the Dragonfly: Why Indigenous Languages Matter in the 21st Century
James D. Nations



Melquiades’s Garden: Exploring the Cultivated Nature of Mexico’s Chinantla Region
Aran Shetterly

Mother Tongues: Two Writers Explore the Words and Cultures that Shape their Connection to Place
Dawn Wink and Susan J. Tweit

Wild Speech: Listening Through the Portal of Imagination
Geneen Marie Haugen

Freeway Coyote
Lee Beavington



De Prima: Stories of the Old Days in Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy
Anna Maffi

Cristina Calderón: Memories of My Yagan Grandmother in Tierra del Fuego, Chile
Cristina Zárraga

A Blossoming Time at ÁLEṈENEȻ (Homeland): Reclaiming W̱SÁNEĆ (Saanich) Place Names on the West Coast of Canada
Alice Meyers in conversation with Earl Claxton Jr. (Thuh-thay-tun Kapilano)

Rough Waves and Remembered Names in Haida Gwaii
Graham Richard


Louder Than Words I

Pintando La Raya: Indigenous Resistance and Biocultural Conservation Through Participatory Video
Thor Edmundo Morales



It Takes Millennia to Make Ciccimmaretati: Cilento, Italy, as a Master of Biocultural Wisdom
Dario Ciccarelli


Louder Than Words II

On the Move: Reawakening the Common Language of the Mediterranean’s Mobile Pastoralists
DiverseEarth: Liza Zogib, Divya Venkatesh, and Sandra Spissinger