Langscape Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1
Summer (Northern Hemisphere) 2018

Biocultural Diversity Conservation: Communities at the Cutting Edge



The heart of biocultural diversity lies in communities: humans coming into connection with each other, with other species, and with the lands and waters they call home. Here, at the community level, is where the overlaps between nature and culture make themselves most apparent. Here too is where actions to safeguard the biocultural tapestry of life have the most immediate impact.

In this issue of Langscape Magazine, authors give voice to communities around the world — Thailand to Colombia, South Africa to Sweden, the Caribbean to the Caucasus — and to the inspiring work they are doing to conserve biocultural diversity. What does it mean for a community to “conserve” biocultural diversity? Ultimately, people don’t conserve particular places or cultural practices — they conserve values that they associate with those places and practices. One can think of conservation as a range of culturally specific techniques people use to ensure the continuity of values that are important to them.

While national and international organizational support is important, it is communities who live the work of conservation every day, nurturing the values they find in earth’s diverse biocultural presence. All over the globe, people are taking charge of identifying, recording, promoting, and protecting the biocultural fabric that makes their local communities unique. We hope that the images, narratives, and poetry gathered in this edition of Langscape Magazine will inspire you to think about the conservation of biocultural diversity in new ways and to support the efforts communities are making to ensure that the values we all share never disappear.

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