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Langscape Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2016
"Voices of the Earth", Part 2
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In the upcoming issue of Langscape Magazine (Winter 2016), we continue to celebrate Terralingua's 20th birthday with the theme "Voices of the Earth", which we launched with the Summer 2016 issue.  We came into the world two decades ago, with a unique mission: to sustain biocultural diversity - the interconnected and interdependent diversity of life in nature and culture.  

In 1996, we chose the name Terralingua to suggest two things at once: the language of the Earth - the voice of Mother Nature; and the languages of the Earth - the many voices of the world's diverse peoples, which have evolved through intimate interaction with the Earth in particular places.  When that bond is strong, the Earth is healthy, and so are we.  When we lose that bond, the Earth is weakened, and we are weakened with her.

Here are some possible (but not the only!) questions for the "Voices of the Earth" theme:

  • How are language and the environment connected?  How is language shaped by human relationships with nature, and how is nature shaped by language?
  • How does each language reflect the specific natural features of the place in which it evolved?  How does it express people's relationship with nature in that particular place?
  • How do words, stories, myths, oral histories, and other verbal expressions convey traditional knowledge and wisdom, cultural values, and spiritual beliefs about the link between people and nature?
  • Is there an "inner language" that connects us to the Earth and bonds us to specific places?  What happens to our individual and collective well-being when that bond is broken?
  • How does language loss affect our relationship with nature?  And how does environmental change affect the resilience of languages?
  • What do we do to reawaken a language when its voice is fading?
  • What is the voice of the Earth telling us about our environmental predicament?  And what are the voices of the Earth saying about it?

Contributions to Langscape Magazine may take different forms, either text-driven or artwork-driven:

  • Thought pieces for our "Ideas" section
  • Personal accounts, dialogues, stories, or poetry for "Reflections"
  • Reports from the field for "Dispatches"
  • Discussions of policy intervention or practical solutions for "Action"
  • Photo essays, video essays, or other visual art for "Louder Than Words"
  • Or surprise us with something different, and we'll have to create a new section for you!

Please see below for instructions on how to submit your Abstract

We want to hear more from the Voices of the Earth, so please send your abstract soon!


Luisa Maffi
Terralingua Co-founder and Director
Editor, Langscape Magazine

Unity in Biocultural Diversity - Together We Can!

Please submit your Abstract - your idea for a contribution, in 1-2 paragraphs maximum - NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1, 2016, using the submission form accessed through the "Submit Here" link below.  Also, in a separate document, attach a short 50-word bionote about yourself.    Please attach your documents in Word .doc or .docx formats only.

After reviewing all abstracts, we will let you know by August 3  whether we would like to invite you to submit a full contribution.

PLEASE NOTE:  An invitation to submit a full contribution does not mean that your contribution is already accepted for publication. It means that we are interested in your idea and would like to see your full submission.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that Langscape Magazine does not publish formal scientific or technical papers.  We seek contributions that, while based on solid scholarship, express concepts in accessible language and in a literary rather than academic style.  Tell a story!

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT, you may wish to take a look at the most recent issue, released in July 2016.  Read the Editorial , Table of Contents, and sample articles. (Copies of the full issue are available through our Market, or you may purchase a subscription.)


If you are still unsure whether your contribution may fit with the perspectives of Terralingua and the approach of Langscape Magazine, we suggest that you review the Resources listed below.


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