Terralingua Langscape Volume 3, Issue 1
Exploring Biocultural Approaches to Education
With Guest Editor: Yvonne Vizina
Summer 2014



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We are pleased to bring you the first issue of Langscape's new series. In this issue, guest-edited by Yvonne Vizina,  we explore how both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal philosophies rooted in the interconnection between language, culture, and nature can inspire and shape new and integrative approaches to education, within and outside the school, and how they can contribute to the problem-solving skills, growth, and resilience of humanity in this rapidly changing world.

Join us as we continue to explore Biocultural Diversity as an emerging paradigm in a changing world. We hope you will enjoy journeying with us through this special volume of Langscape, and that you too will share what you learn with others.




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