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Terralingua's ground-breaking books have established the foundations of biocultural diversity as a concept and as a field of knowledge and action, both globally and regionally. They continue to be read and used widely around the world.
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  • Biocultural Diversity Conservation: A Global Sourcebook

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    Copyright © 2010 Luisa Maffi and Ellen Woodley

    Biocultural Diversity Conservation: A Global Sourcebook  is a comprehensive source of information for researchers, professionals, policy makers, indigenous and other local organizations, international agencies and non- governmental organizations (NGOs), funders, media and others.

     In this book, we review the theory of biocultural diversity and why it is relevant for conservation. We then present and analyze the 45 projects, highlighting their methodological diversity.  This variety of approaches to biocultural diversity conservation, adapted to different contexts, reflects the biocultural diversity of life itself. It confers individual and collective strength to these integrated conservation efforts. In our analysis of the projects, we look at the factors that foster or threaten the integrated conservation of biological and cultural diversity. Drawing from the projects, we provide lessons learned and recommendations for how to further develop and strengthen the biocultural approach to conservation.

    • $44.00