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Terralingua's ground-breaking books have established the foundations of biocultural diversity as a concept and as a field of knowledge and action, both globally and regionally. They continue to be read and used widely around the world.
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  • On Biocultural Diversity: Linking language, knowledge and the environmment

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    Copyright © 2001 Luisa Maffi, Editor

    On Biocultural Diversity brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars from the social and natural sciences as well as cultural advocates, human rights specialists, and indigenous experts to discuss the ways in which the losses of biological, linguistic, and cultural diversity are linked. Combining research with advocacy, this book outlines the threats to the world’s diversity, explores the connections among its various forms, and recommends measures to help preserve and perpetuate the variety of life on Earth. Presenting case studies from Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, the contributors show how the loss of linguistic and cultural diversity — often involving indigenous peoples’ removal from their lands, suppression of their languages, and the loss of traditional environmental knowledge based on subsistence practices — can affect biodiversity. The final chapters suggest new directions for research, documentation, training, and action in order to conserve biocultural diversity.

    • $26.25