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Langscape Magazine supports Terralingua's mission by educating the minds and hearts about the importance and value of biocultural diversity. It aims to promote a paradigm shift by illustrating biocultural diversity through scientific and traditional knowledge, within an appealing sensory context of articles, stories and art.

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  • Langscape - Print - Volume 3 Issue 1

    This issue of Langscape, guest edited by Yvonne Vizina, is devoted to an exploration of biocultural approaches to education. We explore how the links between language, culture, and nature are being, or should be, integrated in education curricula and why it matters. We look at different ways of teaching and learning across communities and societies, and at diverse Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal philosophies that can inspire and shape new and integrated approaches to education--within and outside the school. Embracing the mosaic of traditional indigenous cultures in education can contribute to the problem-solving skills, growth, and resilience of humanity in this rapidly changing world.

    • $25.00