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Langscape Magazine supports Terralingua's mission by educating the minds and hearts about the importance and value of biocultural diversity. It aims to promote a paradigm shift by illustrating biocultural diversity through scientific and traditional knowledge, within an appealing sensory context of articles, stories and art.

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  • Langscape - Print - Volume 4 Issue 1

    Over the past two decades since Terralingua came into existence, the idea of biocultural diversity - the interlinked and interdependent diversity of life in nature and culture - has gone a long way.

    With this issue of Langscape magazine, we want to celebrate the growing network of people who have embraced biocultural diversity as a vital, yet increasingly threatened, aspect of life on Earth.  Biocultural diversity is a people's issue: it is up to us to take action to protect and sustain it for present and future generations.

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