Terralingua’s Biocultural Diversity Toolkit Nearing Completion

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

With support from the Swift Foundation, we have been working on a Biocultural Diversity Toolkit. The Toolkit is a coordinated set of publications that introduces students, researchers, professionals, policy makers, and the general public to the concept of biocultural diversity (BCD) and some of the tools and approaches that are relevant to the maintenance and revitalization of BCD and to BCD-friendly environmental conservation and human development.

The Toolkit is comprised of five booklets:

  1. Introduction to Biocultural Diversity
  2. Assessing the State of Linguistic Diversity
  3. Assessing the Vitality of Traditional Environmental Knowledge
  4. Documenting and Revitalizing Oral Traditions
  5. Biocultural Approaches to Conservation and Development

We expect to complete work on the Toolkit in the first half of 2014, and to begin widespread dissemination at that point. Stay tuned for further news on this project!