Terralingua Langscape Volume 2, Issue 11
Sacred Natural Sites; Sources of Biocultural Diversity
With Guest Editors: Bas Verschuuren, Robert Wild


Langscape V.2 Issue 11 Langscape V.2 Issue 11 (3330 KB)


Join Terralingua and the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative as we explore the rich interconnections between Sacred Natural Sites and Biocultural Diversity.

Biocultural Diversity is a living network made up of the millions of species of plants and animals that have evolved in relationship with thousands of human cultures and languages. Languages, cultures, and ecosystems are interdependent. They’re bound together through the myriad ways in which people have interacted with the natural environment, material, social and spiritual.

Through a unique lens of stories, photographs, articles, and a diversity of perspectives this volume of Langscape introduces you to the value of Sacred Natural Sites as valuable sources of biocultural diversity. They are the amongst the oldest places at which intersecting human culture and wild nature have deeply shaped humanity. Their conservation is complex but important not only for the survival of biodiversity and cultural diversity but also for human well-being and life as a whole.
The collaboration between Terralingua and the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative started with the “Voices of the Earth” project which supports custodians of sacred groves in Zanzibar and Ghana to conserve their groves and resources through building on their oral history and biocultural diversity.

Collaboration has also delivered us the opportunity to work together on this volume of Langscape and to take you on this this journey in support of the custodians and communities of sacred natural sites. It is therefore timely that we explore sacred natural sites as sources of biocultural diversity and share the lessons learned from this journey. We hope you will enjoy journeying with us through this special volume of Langscape and we hope you too will share what you will learn with others.

Luisa Maffi and Ortixia Dilts – Terralingua
Bas Verschuuren, Robert Wild – Sacred Natural Sites Initiative